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Aug 8, 2011
@ 11:54 am
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First off, apologies on the lack of posts last week! Close to no internet access and prep for a job interview will do such a thing, but I’m back and with a couple of sounds for you. Today I’ll take you down to the quaint neighborhood of NoLita. The neighborhood is wedged right in between SoHo, Little Italy, and the Lower East Side and has a lot of great restaurants you can dine in. I used to live in this area my junior year of college and the food choices were awesome. One of my favorite restaurants was a pizzeria called L’asso. At this pizzeria there are new creations weekly and the best part? The seasonal craft beer they have on tap. Not only are they delicious but from local breweries. On the side of restaurant there is an awesome mural by Dima, entitled “The Ace” and this is where our sound recording today will take us.

Photo Courtesy of: Laughing Squid

The restaurant in on a street where, in addition to other delicious eats, there are also a bit of industrial spaces as well. In other words, it might be a bit of a loud recording so keep the volume at low.

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