Using the power of SoundCloud and public art to help you discover new surroundings in New York City and beyond.




Stumble upon any cool graffiti, sculpture, or performance art in your city? Have a story to share about a specific piece of public or street art? Here’s your chance!

In addition to my excursions I want to hear from the followers and fans of this project. Art happens anywhere and everywhere, not just in New York. Everyone has their own interactions and story involving art and I would love to hear about them! So how can you become a part of the Without Walls Project? It’s easy.

First you’ll have to record the sounds using a portable device of sorts. If you have an iPhone/iTouch/or iPad download the SoundCloud app. It’s free and makes recording as simple as pressing a Record button. Don’t have one? Don’t worry most phones have recording capabilities and make it easy to upload onto your computer. You can always record straight from your laptop. After you’re done recording, upload it to the Dropbox which can be found below.

If you have any trouble with uploading the lovely peeps at SoundCloud have included a help video on the side!

In the Title please include the name of the artwork (if known) or a description of the artwork and its location (Graffiti on West 14th St, New York). In the description box please add where the artwork was found (city, cross streets, parks), neighborhood in which the artwork was found. Finally if you have a picture upload it as the image to the track.

That’s it! The next step will just be to wait for your feature on the site! So go out and get recording!

Send me your sounds